Pengembangan Pendidikan Agama Islam: Reinterpretasi Berbasis Interdisipliner

Pengembangan Pendidikan Agama Islam

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

“A Primer of Commercial English for Indonesia” By: DR. H. G. DE MAAR And H. SCHARRINGA (Third Edition)

 “A Primer of Commercial English for Indonesia”
By: DR. H. G. DE MAAR And H. SCHARRINGA (Third Edition)
Sewed f 3,00/Bound f 3,50
J. B. Wolters – Djakarta, Groningen – 1954

Advice to Students

   1.      Buy two exercise books, one to be used as a wordbook, the other as a correspondence book. Divede the pages of the wordbook into two columns and write in the left hand column all the new words of the lessons and in the right hand column the translations of these words. Repeat your wordbook constantly.
   2.      Write in your correspondence book all the letters that your teacher dictates to you or that he desires you to copy, trnaslate or work out. It is advisable to write not more than one letter on each page. Do the other exercises in your correspondence book as well.
   3.      Learn the translated letters the other way round, that is translate them from your own language into English.
   4.      It is quite useful to learn short letters by heart.
   5.      Study the terminology, the idiom and the grammar on the right hand pages thoroughly after your teacher has explained them to you and you have entered the new words in your wordbook.
   6.      Answer the questions of each test paper both in writing and orally. These questions provide an oppurtunity to satisfy yourself that the kwoledge given in the preceding six lessons is comletely yours.
   7.      Study a commercial reading –book by the side of this book.

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